We are a rescue team, located at Eschenweg 64, 98702 Langewiesen, with more than 5 years of experience in the field of rescue and animal care, which offers the widest variety of services, related to animals in general, from care, surgical services, consultations, among many other additional services. We are pioneers in the rescue world in the province because we are unique in offering this type of exclusive and specialized service.

For this and many reasons, customers prefer it and we know that you also prefer us.

We have updated our facilities with high quality equipment, as it’s fully equipped ambulances and all these equipment handled by fully qualified medical personnel and prepared to perform any type of intervention on the animal, even complete surgery.

We offer our clients and animals the option of transferring them to a safe place with a family previously selected and studied by our social workers.

Reptil GR does not offer rates as a free service paid by the government, but in spite of this, we accept any type of donations, both physical and monetary. We are 100% responsible with its customers and animals, we always comply and make them happy during all this time, time in which our employees have acquired experience in the work.

The care and response of the animals is a daily task difficult to perform, but despite this, we have been doing with love and dedication.