4 Tips to Follow If You’re Traveling with Your Pet Reptile

Traveling with animals usually involves some paperwork or work to move them from one place to another, traveling with dogs, cats and other animals is common, which move in boxes and people see their movement normal, but traveling with reptiles is done a more cumbersome process due to the characteristics of packaging and the comfort that is given to the animal for its packaging.

Therefore, in this article, we give you 4 Tips to follow if you’re traveling with your pet reptile

Tank Decor:

Most people have a pet in a vivarium, tank or fish tank, where we give a large space which contains its decoration and its things to cover the basic needs of the reptile, its drinking fountain and its container with food, so we see an environment nice and suitable for our pet.

But at the time of travel, the most advisable is to move our pet to a container or box, empty, without any type of decoration or with a simple plant. It may seem boring, but it is recommended.

By doing this we guarantee that during the transfer of our pet or our tank will not suffer any damage, which is caused by the movement that is normally generated during the transfer.

In general, traveling without decoration in the container is the most recommended and best to maintain the integrity and safety of our pet.


Most of the animals that we transport need darkness to be calm, the same happens with reptiles, which in and of themselves are characterized as calm and calm animals. When large zoos make transfers of their animals, especially large reptiles such as lizards or snakes, they use a large bag of tea which gives them darkness to keep calm.

The same technique can be applied on a small scale with our turtle, our lizard or our frog, which at the time of purchase is delivered to us in a plastic container, which is recommended to open small holes in it so that our pet can breathe.

Having our reptile inside the box with holes, it is advisable to put it inside a brown paper bag, which will give you the darkness we want so you can be calm during the transfer


The ventilation is very important for our reptile, without it could die during the trip, so we recommend making a series of holes in the box where the animal is being moved.

Temperature and Humidity:

As cold-blooded animals need some external agent to warm up, so it is recommended to place the covered plate for short periods of time under the sun, which will make our pet maintain its body temperature at optimal levels.

In cold climates it is recommended to close the box so that the cold does not make our pet slow, some reptiles in specific need artificial heaters inside their boxes to be able to heat up.

Humidity is not that important when it comes to short trips, in the case of needing humidity, you can add a little dechlorinated water with a spray, which will give you the humidity that you will need.

With these tips, you will achieve that the trip of your reptile is pleasant and arrives safely to the destination you want.

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