Our human and beautiful task is to try to give a voice to animals, which in some cases are mistreated, abandoned or without medical attention, so our qualified team with more than 5 years of experience in specialized animal care, performs primary, secondary and tertiary procedures to attend the animal.

Our creator, Petra Traugott, is an environmentalist and veterinary specialist in reptiles, which has studied for years and has included their knowledge to the youngest of the group so that they are trained in the veterinary environment.

Our experience is great since we have been working with increasingly difficult cases in the streets, with our advanced support ambulance, and with space for more animals than any other in the country.

We have never failed and our image remains intact with the passing of the years, because everything we do has been done correctly and with commitment to the animal and its future owner.

We have always sought to place animals in good hands so that they do not repeat what they have already gone through and suffered. We started with only 3 employees and currently we are more than 20 in the whole city, with that we see our commitment. our values ​​and our quality